LightControl is your trusted partner for Lighting-Control advice and products.

Our customer focus ensures reliable advice, responsive service, sales and technical support excellence.

We’re committed to helping you deliver building automation success, wellness, with superior user experiences.

We supply a select range of products enabling specialist capability and support.


Our Journey Here:

Automation and energy efficiency was only the beginning.

Today, smart buildings are people centric.  Efficiency is already baked in the cake.

LightControl educates and supplies products across a wide range of industries including Residential, Commercial, Education, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare, Hospitality and Community Sectors.

Building services today are like computing in 1980 – silos of proprietary technology, where customers get milked once you’re stuck in a given ecosystem.   Yet, like you have a choice of 20 brands of mouse to plug into your computer and just expect it to work, thanks to standards, all that is changing fast.

We’ve seen this story before.  Open systems always win out.

We’ve thus live and breath a few specialist products – leaders in their field – that conform with this open philosophy.

We have broad experience across this space, and we can even advise on financial structuring, green loans and environmental upgrade agreements.


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