In many buildings, car park lighting and ventilation, running 24/7, accounts for the majority of base building electricity usage and is thus an easy target.

We can offer the following solutions to drastically reduce your energy consumption.

Lighting Solutions

50-90% savings can be achieved by replacing old fittings with LED sensor lights. We can help you to select the best option depending on your needs: On/Off, Dim, Wireless-Master/Slave, Emergency, LED tubes. Only the best solutions available on the market, IP65 rated, waterproof, compliant with all EMC, RF, BCA requirements and Carbon Certificate (ESC/VEEC) registered.

Gas Detection & Ventilation Control Systems

Our systems deliver energy and cost savings whilst still maintaining a safe and comfortable carpark environment. Utilising CO and NO2 sensors linked to Variable Speed Drive ventilation fans, ensures harmful gas are maintained at safe levels. From purge cycles, fault diagnostics and audio and visual alarms we have it covered.

Building Management Systems & Energy Management Systems

We can integrate into the most complex or simple of Building Management Systems and Energy Management Systems Platforms.