Due to high security as we the ability to remotely log into servers, we have founds data centres to be a great energy savings opportunity. This is because of the low occupancy coupled with the 24/7 nature of operations.

We have multiple controls strategies and products to cover both risk and efficiency savings are generally north of 80%. When you couple the “double whammy” from cooling savings, the savings can sometimes be even greater than your total original light load.

Timer regimens are expecting people to switch off the lights manually has been proven to be far less effective. Our methods give you optimal efficiency as well matching use perfectly, every time.

Additionally, we know how to integrate into mission critical BMS and energy operations. Our sister company ControlWorks manages energy measurement and management and automation for both Internode and Fujitsu data centres so we have a very good understanding on mission critical operations and environmental variables keeping within range based on service level agreements.