From Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs), to turnkey projects we have a good capability and experience in Government (having done ABS in Canberra and three Kangan TAFE in VIC, as well as works in RMIT and Macquarie University). With more efficient lighting and lighting controls we generally get well over 60% lighting energy savings.

We also have unique diagnostic logger capabilities to measure both current baseline of energy use and occupancy profile for each area type giving a business case viability for each area on a given efficiency retrofit

With our sister company ControlWorks and a strategic alliance with BuidingIQ we are very confident on guaranteeing results in this space, whether standalone lighting or integrated EPCs.

We are the open plan office lighting leaders in retrofit solutions giving you both the world’s most sensitive sensor (picking up people typing on a PC) to the most closely matched occupancy and lighting profile, giving best savings and returns, without sacrificing employee comfort. We also provide the change management communication templates to help transition and staff buy in with no issues over 8 years of installations.

We take a holistic view as opposed to changing 1 or 2 different types light. There could be 10 or 20 different types of lighting ranging from sensor floodlights with integrated photocells, exterior and interior sensors, custom light fixtures, to photocell managed signage to even front of house after hours walkways turned off by sensors.