De-Risk your maintenance cost. We can provide flexible maintenance and managed service options from preventative maintenance to long-term scheduling.

Maintenance costs are often overlooked or underrepresented when evaluating efficiency solutions, with upfront capital cost of fixtures and equipment often influencing the decision.

Product quality is very difficult to evaluate. Even though two proposed light fittings offer the same guarantee, the labour cost to replace a failed fitting is still an “open chequebook” for any building owner.

Lightcontrol offers a way for you to transfer risk to us, so that for a fixed fee per month, you effectively have labour cost insurance too. This way not only are your costs capped to the managed service fee, but it also should give you a level of confidence that you have purchased quality products – else we would not be taking the risk of having to carry labour cost.

Our managed service offering can be purchased stand-alone or be funded within a project funding / performance guarantee structure.

Lightcontrol offers a flexible and tailored engagement model – you pick what you need from us and savings can be guaranteed. From product supply only, to a fully financed managed service, we can do as little or as much as you wish: