If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Our meter data service is very useful for temporary or permanent monitoring in order to check that efficiency interventions actually meet expectations and to identify cost savings and further energy saving initiatives.

The service includes:

  • Monitor three phase electrical systems in real time, monitoring all electrical sub circuits and logging usage data by circuit or appliance.
  • Measurement granularity is down to one hour blocks so we can give data on an hourly, daily, monthly and annual view basis.
  • Ability to monitor up to 16 Branch circuits – these can be grouped into different categories or be individual.
  • Data logging and export for analysis in spread sheet format if required.

Additional options (additional price):

  • Monitor gas and water consumption in real time.
  • Network integration either wired or wireless to enable scheduled email reports or event-based alerts, for example: set maximum consumption targets and send email notification if usage exceeds targets.
  • Provide remote monitoring by camera.
  • Monitor senor and control appliances via digital I/O
  • Web server so you can log into the meter directly using a browser

The service includes on site installation, commissioning, removal of the meter at the end of the measurement period and basic analysis of before, during and after kWh consumption on the granularity required.

Lightcontrol offers a flexible and tailored engagement model – you pick what you need from us and savings can be guaranteed. From product supply only, to a fully financed managed service, we can do as little or as much as you wish: