Our retail capability varies significantly between tenants and shopping centre owners.

For Tenants

Our retail roadmap starts with the automated collection and consolidation of energy data from multiple sites. A monthly 20-point check flags possible errors on bills. Our procurement partner can help you consolidate and reduce power purchasing costs – with NO trailing commissions on our part.

While we look at the world with efficiency eyes, we work with either your or our consultants to ensure the colour rendering and other retail factors are maintained or improved.

We look at your needs holistically, from signage lighting with built in photo cells to turn on and off at the right time come summer or winter sunrise and sunset, to interior LEDs and back of house sensorlights.

Looking at each store being small and not worthwhile is sub-optimal. We take a portfolio view. Use a store or two as a test case and blueprint for the rest.

For Owners

While tenants pay their energy use bills, the common areas including carpark and back of house areas, signage etc, which are our focus here.

We take a holistic view as opposed to changing one or two different types of downlights. There could be ten or twenty different types of lighting ranging from sensor floodlights with integrated photocells, to back of house sensors, to photocell managed signage to even front of house after hours walkways turned off by sensors.

At QVB for example, not only do our sensors manage lighting, but also connect to 3rd party systems like security or existing BMS or legacy lighting control systems like CBus and Dynalite.

We also have security applications that will alert guards onto their phone of where in the centre sensors have been triggered to give directed attention and added security.

Our sensors and controls have got great flexibility from 300 degree (building corner) coverage to wireless communication and multi channel or multi-phase control, there are few needs we have not been able to resolve.

Our ability to structure the carbon certificates, third party funding and a managed service maintenance agreement into a single package means optimal results, with little management attention and headaches and minimal funding.